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Habit Burger Grill Norovirus Outbreak

Marler Clark is investigating a Norovirus outbreak linked to the Habit Burger Grill located in Shoreline, Washington.

As of June 3, 2021, the Seattle King County Department of Health reports 23 Norovirus cases linked to the Habit Burger Grill at 1253 North 205th Street in Shoreline, Washington.

Following 6 unrelated meal parties at the Habit Burger Grill, from May 21-May 24, 2021, 23 people became ill with symptoms of Norovirus infection. These symptoms included, vomiting, diarrhea, body aches, and chills.

When local health investigators visited the restaurant on May 25, 2021, they found no risk factors that are known to contribute to a Norovirus outbreak. In addition, no ill employees had been reported. After a thorough inspection, the Habit Burger Grill was asked to conduct a mandatory cleaning and disinfection of the restaurant.

Upon a follow up visit on May 28, investigators provided an onsite food safety and employee illness training with staff. They emphasized the need for regular cleaning, disinfection, hand-washing, and no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. To ensure that the restaurant follows this protocol, investigators will revisit this location within two weeks.

No laboratory testing will be offered to people who became ill. Victims of a Norovirus outbreak usually have symptoms for a few days before it resolves. Therefore, symptoms among those who become ill from Habit Burger Grill are considered suggestive of Norovirus.

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