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Jimmy John's Norovirus Outbreak Valparaiso, Indiana

On January 12, 2012 health officials in Porter County linked a 60-victim norovirus outbreak to a Jimmy John's restaurant in Valparaiso, Indiana. At least 20 of the victims were emergency responders to a train accident that occurred on Friday, January 6. The emergency workers were provided meals prepared by Jimmy John's and by Sunday the health department received reports that approximately 20 of them had become ill. The next day more illnesses reported, with consumption of food at Jimmy John's being a common theme among those sickened.

The restaurant, located at 1608 East Lincolnway, briefly closed its doors to sanitize the facility, and reopened shortly thereafter. Staff from other locations filled in for regular workers, who were tested for norovirus.

No one was hospitalized in this outbreak.

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